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Update by user May 23, 2017

If your reading this review, please disregards my previous update... Had agreement for resolved & he is not responding any one of my calls or e-mail. Well scammer always follow his roots....

Update by user May 22, 2017

Please delete this post, All good at this time

Original review posted by user May 21, 2017

Please ready before mark any investment. First this guy no Dr.

He go by Dr. Bone & Dr.Boune with two different web sites with following phone #s 503-324-0030 & 404-400-2434 using Google phone. His name is Thomas Greiner & lived is Honduras ** Ocean Front Gated community with his 39 year old Honduran wife. ** Why he do not lives in USA..?

I pick this individual base on line reviews from others & I order the lovesspell. I guarantied you will be victim of scam. Here is my side, He is working on my case over 6 months now & no results so ever. Yes I am desperate to get her back.

Since he realest my situation I become money tree for him to keep harvesting slowly until my door bell ring buy local & Fd, 02 agencies & now I am under investigating for money transfer to Honduras I have send him multiple times of money (over 3K) under different names ** via Western Union. Now I am victim of local & FD authority for money transferring to Honduras without any good reason & Yes….now i am living with boat load of legal issued with financial crises. ** If this individual is real, why he using Western Union & Money Graham? Why not PayPal or Merchant card services like others?

Sign of Scamming!! In mean while I am calling him for last 02 months & no answer so ever. But he calls me when ever he needs money. With all of this, I start to investigate about this guy.

Starting with New Orleans, Base on locals, he can’t come to city in day light. Moving forward found connection in Honduras & base on what we found, living in luxury life & this guy not in good health condition & most of the time in & out from hospital or doctors offices. He is not doing any spiritual work at all & no sign of.

Now I know where my money is goes to….his luxury living & health weariness. *Don’t put your self into helping out this great scammers living style

Product or Service Mentioned: Doctor Bones Love Spells Owner.

Reason of review: Scam.

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You are rite should have listened he is a rip-off he will drain you for every dime you have when he see there's no more money he stop answering the phone

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