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I called doctorboneslovespells.com and asked for a love spell, he would not give me his name and tried to have me send money to some place in honduras by western union or maney gram. a real spellcaster will have pay with credit card, was very threatful ad said the spirits would harm me this is not a way to talk to a customer very very rude man.

do not trust this spell caster to fishy and he does not look to be a legit voodoo caster. will report to the police his threats to me ad my family stay away from this rip off scammer

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I didn't like: Fake scammer.

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Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #1218404

HE IS A BULLY , PERIOD , SOME PEOPLE TRY TO GO THROUGH LIFE MAKING MONEY from Level headed People , The only Way this Bully can get Money , is Bully his Way in Life , Just Forget about Him , he will for sure get what's coming to him in the End, Its Called Karma, everyone has to pay for what they did wrong , for sure

to Robertwhite #1627243

He is a rip off

Richardson, Texas, United States #1140991

Hi I am going to ask him for help with a love spell but now I don't know if he is real or not

to Natalie Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #1163953

Hello, have anymore had any good luck


The doctor is a good man and help me


Well can not say as of yet. But I am seeing a improvement.

It began on oct 30. I will judge this in 90 days. By fed 1 I will know. But it is getting better one week after I hire the Doc.

The wife is cheating on me. They are having problems and we have had sex. The last time was 6 months ago. But she is not home yet.

I will let you know how it goes.

Was cheating with this man 2.5 years.

Found out for sure in 6 months ago.


to jamescscott52 #1076522

How is it going so far now because I'm trying to use him also


He is very well like in New Orleans and does spend about 3 months in the city. Does good work for me and most the people that know him.

He is not a fake. His family been doing work a long time in New Orleans Going back 100 years. My grandmother talks of the family and she 89 years old. He does voodoo for good and to hurt people to.

Oh well it is true.

He has with his voodoo hurt alot of people. Did lot of good to.


I have used the doc and I was happy with his work. I ask him about the bad reveiws. Told me it was its a worker he had to let go because he was taking money.

to Anonymous #1053424

Hello anonymous, I can't speak for for any other reviews but mine sorry to tell u but I'm not a disgruntled worker, Dr bones took my money, knowing I am a single mom, trying to raise my children, I called him and he never picked up, this is not a fake review I put a copy of internet crimes complaint,I recently filed, which I have documentation to prove it, obviously u must be one of his flunkies or a relative what comes around goes around.


Oh my God, go to internet crimes.com and report him, also submit your review on rip off report. Com, this man can be stopped, please take the time to submit your report or statement, best wishes to you.

Midland, Texas, United States #1050356

Bones is not official, he is fake, requires u to do a money transfer on top of that not even in his name, so those of u saying this dirty man did a so call spell for,, you are just a bad as the scammer Thomas Greiner in which he calls himself Dr Bones, he is all over the internet with Negative reviews!!!! Don't use this man or listen to the fake misspelled reviews, extremely idiotic, what people will do for a buck!!


Some of the comments at the bottom from the "anonymous" users have "Scammer Grammer" such as the one who posted September 5th, "I have us this voodoo man many times in the last 12 years. And family menbers to.

i have us him 7 times and 6 times when my way. Right or wrong i thank

God for Doctor Bones ". If you 'used" this guy then spell the word used correctly. Its NOT "I have us this voodoo man many times in the last 12 years", its "I have USED this voodoo man many times in the last 12 years".

He/she says US instead of USED at least twice and instead of spelling the word members the way I did he/she spelled it MENbers.

So that is either the a scammer that posted it. Just saying.


I see many folk complain of drbonez, I'm glad I didn't mess with him, I believe them,thank you for the helpful tip!!

Magnolia, Arkansas, United States #1036271

Dr bones is fake, those are most likely people hired to say he helped them, I have evidence to support what I am allegeding.. Fake!

Fake! Fake!!!

Magnolia, Arkansas, United States #1036270

I agree with the comment above, yes he is a scammer and I got scammed!! He is NOT the best of the last breed, whatever that means, people work too hard for their money to be giving it away..to the person who reported him above this comment, contact your BBB, I certainly intend to Mon and I will also keep commenting and submitting my complaint of what happened to me.


I use the doctor because the man next door did and his wife came back to him. There was a girl that work in the store I buy beer at.

She had a body like hour glass and work like a cat. Not give me the time of day. Got her to go on a date with me and later move in with me. Everything ok but she got a bad temper.

Call the doc and say put spell to calm her down. I say do not have anymore money and he should do it for free.

He said no. But I did not find this man rude.


Use doctor bones to bring my wife back that left me for another man. She came back and was better then before. Been one year hope stays that way.



I have us this voodoo man many times in the last 12 years. And family menbers to.

i have us him 7 times and 6 times when my way. Right or wrong i thank

God for Doctor Bones

to Anonymous #1044492

Is he official

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